SEO Backlinks – Why is Building Links Important

What is Link Building & Why Is It Important for SEO?

While some businesses are busy building links for their websites or struggling how to recover from a serious penalty, some folks are just starting to figure out how this SEO thing works, where to begin and what are the requirements needed to successfully rank a website. If you are one of them, we suggest you to begin by understanding SEO first.

Acquiring quality backlinks for your website is no easy task. It takes a lot of ground work to get links that Google values. There are many marketing companies that offer SEO services such as link building, and although they are very good, not everyone might have the budget to outsource their link building. In this article, we will go discuss what is SEO, how crucial it is to your overall SEO and tips on how you can get good quality links on a budget.


First of all, what is link building?


link-building-2When people hear about link building, it sounds like a technical and nerdy subject. Perhaps it certainly is, on several levels. Link building simply means getting inbound links from web resources. It’s a process where you convince websites or blog owners to include anchor text links on their website that points to your website. This off-page SEO job is usually handled by an experienced internet marketer or link builder and considered as one of the most important parts that impact web traffic, online visibility and search engine rankings.

How do you build links for your website? There are actually two ways to execute your link building strategy. One through organic link building and the other is via artificial link building.


Organic Link Building


link-building-21Organic or natural link building is a link building system that is done manually or not using any automated tools. It’s a link from other person’s website, be it a blog or social profile, where they linked to your site without you exerting too much effort other than providing the readers with unique and informative content that they think is relevant to their website and followers. Natural links offer many advantages for your website. They increase your visitors, a improve the value of your brand and the search engines give high credit to such links and later reward your website to be placed on top.

Organic backlinks can be done through the following methods;

  1. Writing quality and unique content. Your content must be something that is valuable for the readers and something that they can get information of what they need. When people find your content interesting and worthy to share with their networks, they would naturally link to your site.
  1. Writing news or press releases. People love news especially trending ones. When you’ve found some interesting topics and write about them, you’ll become the first source, thus giving you a great opportunity to get links.
  1. Submit your website to social bookmarking pages. Although these sites don’t offer link juice because they are no-follow sites, they help boost your traffic and when your bookmarked post becomes popular, there’s a good change you can get natural links.
  1. Outreach-based link building. This is one of the most popular ways to gain organic backlinks. It works by obtaining a list of influencers who owned niche-related blogs or websites and email the contact persons to offer your content and build relationships.


Artificial Link Building


link-building-22Moving on to the counterpart of organic link building, the artificial link building also known as automated links. Some artificial link building utilizes certain tools or automated tools to get links fast. Some people are abusing this technique to the point of creating too many backlinks at a time until they are marked as spam. Such illegal practices are short-lived or generally get punished by Google. On the other hand, artificial links work if done correctly and it even helps improve your rankings.


While artificial link building can be done through;

  1. Submitting your site to business directories. Internet users usually check on business directories to locate a company, check reviews and find their contact information. You can find relevant business directories out there like Yelp, Yellowpages and Dmoz where you can get links to your site and obtain a good source of traffic.
  1. Commenting on niche-related blogs. Other link builders are using automated tools to accomplish this but they don’t succeed since most blogs require moderation prior to approval. Since automated comments don’t provide real value and feedback, they are commonly rejected or marked as spam. To leverage this strategy, a sincere and relevant comment will work and an excellent way to build links for do-follow blogs.
  1. Join and be active on forums. Forum sites are everywhere, using your keyword along with a forum or discussion board on the Google search box, you’ll be presented with thousands of relevant forums related to your niche that you can join, participate and of course, get links.
  1. Purchasing links. These links usually come from webmasters or hosting services or domain shops. Paid links offer one way link juice and they work if they are high authority sites. On one hand, when you buy links, make sure to focus on quality ones and sites that are highly relevant to your industry.


Why link building is really important for SEO?

Link building is important in SEO because every backlinks you put in high valued websites has a huge influence not only on your site but the whole online market. By providing quality links, you are giving people the best about your brand as well as making real and long term relationships with other entrepreneurs. And for those efforts and considerations, Google will reward you abundantly.

Since then, search engines rank websites in terms of the number of links it had. The diverse concepts of link building continue to improve and it’s certainly a never-ending job. Today, the more quality links you get, the more votes you can get and those votes will later be counted as authority.

Six years ago, Google updated its algorithms and started to pay attention on content with fresh and updated ideas. Since search engines have manipulated the web, they can quickly distinguish if a website stops getting links or getting unusual traffic due to automated tools. That being said, if you don’t want to make a mess or ruin your digital marketing efforts, you have to be extra careful and stick on the rules when implementing your link building strategy.

At some point, if you are focused on other important matters concerning your business, it pays to hire an experienced SEO specialist to do the link building tasks for you. Not only they are responsible to build quality links for your site but also making sure that your online business is performing well.