How To Identify What Is a Good Website To Get a Link From?

Getting links especially quality ones, is not an easy breezy SEO task. Every link must be in a good value and highly relevant to your website. A good website has its own qualities and content. In order for you to earn a higher search engine ranking and increase the authority of your site, you have to follow certain strategies.

The entire web technology is too vague to explore, and too complicated to discover. If you want to survive and win the market rivalry of online entrepreneurship, focus on what you really want and learn how you can achieve it. The web today is composed of trillions of website and links. People who link to your website and share it to others are one of the greatest factors in order to succeed.


Here are some tips on how to identify which site is good to get a link from;


  • Find websites with blog section.

A blog adds relevance and value to any website. If the blog can provide a lot of shareable tips, written outputs or researches on a website, it becomes more reliable than others. Thus, blogs give you the ability to build quality links and share content that is somehow relevant for your business and the readers.

  • Check if the website has internal links.

Internal links are useful in gaining traffic to your website or blog. Also, a website with internal links helps the visitors to easily find what they need as they browse the page. This is considered as a powerful on-page link building strategy with an objective to organize certain pages in the form of semantic keywords or anchor text links. Internal links through content marketing is one good way to get a link from this opportunity. Just make sure that every internal link you incorporate on your content is relevant to your topic.

  • Check if the website has relevant resources or link pages related to your industry.

Some website owners accept links, resources and web pages with similar industry. They do this to build partnership with industry-related businesses or give readers those resources for further references. If you find the links it shares are relevant to your niche, contact the website owner right away to arrange link partnership. On one hand, some sites don’t allow commercial links. If your commercial site doesn’t work, try to offer them your blog and make a deal by offering them something that can benefit their readers.

  • Find websites accepting links and has easy navigation backend.

Some webmasters accept links where users are allowed to use the HTML feature for them to easily make a post and add information about their submission.  With the help of this HTML thing, one can easily submit, edit, format and put a link to content on a website. This is very useful due to the fact that not all link builders are experts on the backend. If you see a website that has “Link To Us” page, just click on it, submit the required information and wait for the confirmation. Make sure to track the status of your submission on a spreadsheet report.

  • Find websites where you can build relationship and create long term backlinks.

In this field of business, not all people understand what you are doing. Some of them might get hurt or feel bead when you try to link or get some information from their site. But as a marketer, you need to know how to please the people who can be a tool to your success. Get to know them well, complement their work and build relationship. Trust is very hard to find these days. But once you get their trusts, positive results will follow. As soon as you established a good relationship with blog owners, you can easily get links from them without having to beg.

  • Choose websites that accept business listings.

These resources are great for all types of businesses. Local or international directories also know as citation listings are influential sites to get a link from and showcase your business profile and services. With a powerful NAP or Name of company, Address and Phone number along with your company details and logo, you can enhance your brand to the next level.

  • Search websites that offer free links opportunity.

There are websites that offer free links. These resources are not so difficult to locate since they are available anywhere with free membership. Forum site is just one of them. Most forums allow members to leave a signature on the user panel section and therefore, build an anchor link text there. But before you do that, make sure to actively participate on the forum and try to share informative tips to other members to gain respect.

  • Choose websites that allow reviews

There are some websites that enable businesses to submit their site for others to review. Google definitely gives importance to online reviews particularly the negative ones. So when you submit your site to them, make sure that you are confident enough that people will comment something good or positive about your business. When sharing your information, be as detailed as possible so that it will be easier for the readers to read and share your listings. Would be best to create a page where they can leave their comments and suggestions as it adds more credibility to your business name.

  • Choose websites that offer conferences and social interaction.

This kind of website is commonly used because many people are using social media a lot nowadays. Social media sites are everywhere, so if a website is open for those kind of interaction, it means that they cater large number of audiences that somehow can be a part of yours too if you get a link from that particular site.

With the Google updates from then and now, here and there, finding a good website to get a link from is becoming more and more complex for website owners and online marketers. It’s even tougher for startups. From the above opportunities, we can say that quality content, customer feedback and authority sites contribute a lot in the process. Always remember, just a single high quality link is more valuable than tons of low quality ones. Link at your own risk.


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