Link Building Tools That Will Make Your Outreach Campaign Easier

As an entrepreneur or professional who’s managing one or more websites, you want your pages to be visible online not only to rank highest in search engine result for your selected keywords, but of course, to get traffic and convert visitors into sales. To make those goals become achievable, you have to dedicate your time and apply the best internet techniques be it search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) or search engine marketing (SEM).

If your focus is to build links from outside sources, what you need is an effective off-page SEO approach that can offer long term link building opportunities which can now be possible with link building outreach.

Link building outreach is the process of getting links from a blog through email outreach. This works by sending the blog/site owners an email for link and content opportunities. This is not only cool to get quality backlinks for a site but an excellent way to meet, engage and be friends with the most influential bloggers in your industry. Search_engine_optimization


The Power Of Content In Outreach Campaign


With recent updates and changes made by Google, businesses can no longer promote themselves by just posting their website anywhere else. Otherwise, they will suffer the consequences. The strategies have upgraded to a point where they’ve became more effective when supported by highly relevant, unique and interesting content. Due to the awareness and negative impact of black hat SEO techniques or low quality backlinks, companies put their focus on making sure that they are providing the best content for their website and are linking from industry-related websites with higher authority. Thanks to Google, this link building opportunity open doors to helpful perspectives, quality content and new ideas.

Below you will discover the basic idea of link building when combined with outreach, how this internet marketing strategy will benefit your business and they come together to get the best SEO results;

  1. The more external links your site generates, the greater the number of people trust you and will recommend your site to others. In everything, be it personal or business matters, trust is very important. When a reputable blog linked to a small blog, it converts into a vote of assurance to that blog and the search engine counts that effort resulting increase of website rankings.
  1. Another advantage of tapping into influential bloggers and professionals is that they distribute your content along with your brand to a bigger audience and market.
  1. No matter how beautiful or functional your website is, you can’t improve its ranking and increase its conversion by just relying on the design itself. It makes great sense to utilize the power of blog outreach to connect with other networks, organizations and webmasters to making your website’s performance better and more rewarding for the visitors.
  1. There are many smart, dedicated and talented professionals with established blog networks who can either help you become successful in your chosen industry, even willing to do business partnership with you in long term. Linking out to them, particularly consistent and active blog participants can do wonder to your business and career.


Types Of Link Building Outreach


Link building outreach comes in four various types; Guest posting outreach, broken link building outreach, local business outreach, blog commenting outreach and paid advertising outreach. Depending on your intentions and how you would like to approach the owner of the blog, understanding the right type of outreach email marketing for your website is fundamental in starting your campaign.

  • Guest post outreach – Guest posting is a process of writing content and have it published to another blog. In this type of outreach, you will need to figure out what the site owner wants and convince the person on how you can help them accomplish those.
  • Broken link building outreach – Broken link building outreach is finding blogs or sites that are no longer working and inform the owner about the broken links or dead links. In return, you can request them to add your link as a replacement.
  • Local business outreach – Emailing local businesses through this type of outreach can be effective if you have something to offer to them like a tool or software that will benefit the readers.
  • Blog commenting outreach – This outreach strategy works if you can’t find the email addresses of the influencer on their websites. When doing blog commenting outreach, don’t reveal your contact information or website on the comment section. Find a better way to get their email by starting your comment with a compliment and offers.
  • Paid advertising outreach – If you want to advertise something and willing to pay for it, contacting blog owners that offer advertising opportunity is a better idea than getting through business directories to access their “advertise with us” page.


For the best tools to leverage the power of link building outreach, check out this list;


  1. Tools to search influencers

In link building outreach, your first step is to research the influencers or blog owners. This involved gathering their information such as websites, contact name, email address and link to guidelines. Some call it as a “master list”. But sometimes, the influencer’s email address is not located on their website. Fortunately, there are tools to locate valid email addresses. Some of these useful tools are, Rapportive and LinkedIn Groups.

  1. Tools to contact influencers

Once you have the contact details of influencers, your next step is contacting them through the email addresses you’ve acquired. But before you do that, make sure your pitches are ready. There are some tools you can use that assist on follow ups and to check if your email messages have been received. To see if someone read your email as well as helps with how you’re going to follow up your contacts, you can use Sidekick. Gmail’s Canned Responses tool is good to utilize outreach templates. Lastly, the FollowUpThen that also works in following up influencers.

  1. Tools to organize reports for your contacts

Now that you’ve done gathering your contacts, sent your pitches to the right person and made your follow ups, you’ll then get several responses, inquiries and questions. In this regard, make sure that you are carefully tracking the progress. Some awesome tools that can help you manage all of these are BuzzStream (influencer outreach report), Pitchbox (campaign performance campaign report) and Google drive (to store information and plan your campaigns).

Getting links from well-ranking and authoritative websites is by no means a simple and easy task to do. Researching for link opportunities already requires a lot of time and these links must also meet the necessary requirements in order to be considered. Factors like DA rank, if the website is updated, if the site is do-follow/no-follow blog, amount of traffic, website monthly standing in graphs, referring domains, etc. must be carefully evaluated prior to getting a link from any blogs.

How about you? What tools do you use to manage your outreach link building strategy effectively?

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