How To Perform a Link Building Outreach Effectively?

Whether you admit it or not, link building is one of the most convenient ways to do internet marketing. Since the scope of SEO is getting wider as technology invades our world, we are always looking for some ways on how we can still be on top – that is where link building works effectively.

Link Building is a process in which you can acquire hyperlinks from other websites and use it to create your own. You can use a link to explore the various pages on the internet. It is very convenient because it will automatically bring you on the right page once you click the link. There are a lot of techniques and steps on how you can do it properly. Some SEO’s think that link building is one of their hardest and complicated tasks. They spend a lot of time discovering and figuring out the best material for link building and also the applicable strategies.


Why Link Building Is Important?

Links are very important because it can help you discover new web pages and also be used to determine how good the page is and how high people can rank it. The more high quality websites link to you, the higher the chances to be on top of the search. In this big world of business, we need to know how we can work and market ourselves and our product to the consumer. We need to know the right steps to our success.


Outreach-based Link Building Strategy

Link building strategy has evolved considerably over the years, from just a simple way of leaving backlinks to establishing relationships from individuals, bloggers, organizations and influencers in similar industry. This strategy is known as link building outreach.

Link building outreach is perhaps the most effective, yet the most challenging strategy involving off page search engine optimization. It works to naturally acquire backlinks by sending batch of personalized emails to blog prospects to get more links.

Outreach letters are a primary element in any quality link building campaign: If you’re not getting responses, you’re not getting links. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what works, which can be difficult for new link builders.

Here’s an example of link outreach for a guest post opportunity;

Hi Sam,

 I see that you are looking for a guest author for your website: I am more than happy to provide you with a unique and informative article that would certainly interest your readers.

 Please see attached article for your approval. I’ve also included the details of my bio along with the anchor text link to my website that redirects to I don’t have any available images right now but if you will include an image to this post, that’s greatly appreciated.

 Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.




And to perform your link building outreach effectively, follow these tips;

  • Personalize your email to every prospect. Mention their names a lot to prove that you are a real human and not an automated bot. You will get better responses from personalized email.
  • Offer something that can grab their interest to consider your link request like an offer to mention their sites on your well-established social signals.
  • Create a unique proposal than sending an email that tells your obvious motive.
  • Ask for their recommendations instead of hard selling them right away.

Furthermore, here are more other powerful ways to get links naturally and help you rank your site;
Guest Posting
It is a process in which you can draft an article to be posted or published on the other person’s account or website. This can help you gather more audiences and can also give you a chance to secure at least one backlink to your own site. Make sure to find highly recommended blogs with good domain authority rank and updating regularly. With guest posting, you can definitely create a relationship between the other sites audiences and readers.
Creating Viral Content
Nowadays viral contents and videos are very effective in all audiences. It can easily catch their attention especially if the subjects match their beliefs. Viral content creation is a process of writing valuable and likeable content to your website and sending them through various popular social networks. In creating an effective viral content, being updated with the trends is very important so you can come up with something interesting and something popular.
Mimic Your Competitor’s Strategy
Wondering why your competitor is on the first position of search engine result? Because they have their own strategies too. Learning about your competitor’s backlinks and mimic their strategy won’t hurt your business but rather help your business in many ways. Moz, ahrefs and SEMrush are some of the best tools to research about your competitors backlinks.
Create & Submit Infographics Content
Image speaks louder than words. That statement fits a lot to infographic content. Infographics are images that share data in a pleasing and informative way using graphics. In comes in easy to understand, innovative, interesting and creative visual content that can be published and shared to other websites (usually blogs) using certain codes. These characteristics of infographics have made it as one of the most effective SEO tools that can help improve website rankings and convert readers into long term customers.
Incorporate Anchor Text Links To Your Content Naturally
Anchor text link is a clickable keyword that is pointing to your website. Your keywords should match the needs of your audiences. When applying your keywords in your anchor text links, avoid sounding like you are selling something or over promoting your website. Not only they’re annoying for some customers, they can rank out your site too. So to utilize your keywords effectively, incorporate them in your content in a natural way.

In this competitive SEO industry, you need to be resourceful and flexible. If you like to be on top of the game, do your best and get all the strategies done with cautiousness. Link building through outreach can be utilized properly if you know well your niche and your targets. If you’re not getting positive responses, it would be difficult to get links. The above link building technique demands a lot of time and effort, but it’s all worth it in the long run.


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