Things To Watch Out For When Building Links

We all want to have SEO friendly websites and aiming for one ultimate goal, to be on the first position of Google for our targeted keywords. For that reason, we invest a lot of time, money and effort to get into the internet marketing game and ensure that are efforts are counted and do not violet the search engine rules. One of the most powerful ways to rank your website is build quality links. The more links directing into your site, the better result you can get in terms of rankings.


What is link building?


In a basic definition, link building is the process of establishing link, pointing to a website of interest. It’s one of the primary aspects of SEO requiring different methods to effectively build backlinks from niche-related pages.

Link building is a huge challenge for many website owners and internet marketers since Google is releasing updates every now and then. Even those websites that exist for many years can be affected by these changes if they don’t obey the rules or fail to update their links or content accordingly.

Gone are the days that a lot of internet marketers and webmasters are building thousands of spam links with a thought that this technique can rapidly boost the ranking of their page. That can be promising during those times. But today, spam links also known as black hat SEO strategy is no longer as effective as it used to be, and the result is not long term. Serious marketers and website owners are focused more on optimizing their website organically trough implementing white hat SEO methods. It takes serious resources and skills for one to successfully execute a campaign.

For the past years, Google had been stricter and right now, quality matters a lot in SEO. Quality means links that redirect to the exact information that people are looking for, articles that they can benefit from and a website that load fast and offers easy navigation. On the other hand, quantity of links still counts but make sure those are valuable ones, credible enough and possessed higher domain authority.

Where to get high quality backlinks? There are a number of ways and sources to get quality links. Here are some of the most effective ones;

  • Get links from niche-related and authority sites. Contact these websites and try to get involved.
  • Make a random post on your blog or topics that are off your niche to make it look more natural and interesting.
  • Conduct a competitor’s website research to find out where your competitors earned their links and do your best to imitate their strategy or come up with a better one.
  • Create social media profiles, build networks and update them regularly. This is not actually intended for link building purpose, but you can use these pages to share interesting content, interact with potential customers, build authorship and promote your brand.
  • Find blogs with similar visitors as yours and ask the blog owners if they accept a guest author. In exchange to your backlinks, make sure to offer them contents that are highly relevant and will benefit their audience.
  • Offer help from other marketers or website owners. This is a great way to build link relationship and some will offer help on you too in the future.
  • Don’t abuse the search engines by building too many links at a time. The more and faster links you get, the sooner they become deadly.
  • Always go for natural links whether you are doing links automatically or manually.
  • Hire SEO services with caution. Some SEO professionals are great and some are terrible. One thing’s for sure; you’ll get what you pay for. Choose wisely.


Things To Watch Out

Most of the time, we forget to check the most crucial details that could possibly ruin our SEO effort that can lead to waste of time, money and effort particular when we are on a momentum of looking for the most relevant websites to get our links on. To make sure you’re on the right track, take note of these things that you must be careful of when building links;


Massive Anchor Text Links

Most SEO specialists are obsessed with anchor text links and excessively creating too many anchor text links for exact match keywords without realizing that it can hurt their website. A lot of websites have been penalized by Panda update due to too many exact anchor text links. So to stick with the rules and avoid the penalty, start with a few links and build them slowly.


Fewer Semantic Keywords

Semantic keywords are extended keywords which help Google to distinguish how you are efficiently using your keywords. Some samples of semantic keywords are off page optimization, off page SEO technique or off page SEO checklist. So instead of focusing on a single anchor text link, you can strategize your keyword using semantic keywords.


Not Using Generic Anchors

Google counts junk or generic anchors that you use on your site as backlinks. It can make your content or call to actions look natural. Generic anchors also help you establish a link profile in a form of different range of organic anchors. These junk words are nothing like click here, read more, learn more, find out more, check it out, here, this site, etc.


No Social Signals

Nowadays, search engines are not so particular with inbound links to verify the authority of a website and they are now paying attention to social signals. Aside from that fact, social signals are extremely powerful online marketing tools for branding opportunities, getting more traffic, provides reliable customer support and increase sales.


Relying Much On Paid Links

Buying links or paid links might look appealing especially if you have competitive keywords and niche. But Paid links usually acquire low quality traffic than natural links. And worse, if you get caught by Google, your site can be penalized.


Massive Link Exchange

Exchanging links from relevant, quality and niche-related sites are good but if you do it the wrong way like exchanging too many links at a certain time, you are in great trouble. So focus on quality ones and avoid doing massive link exchange.

As website owners and marketers who manage websites for clients, you value links a lot and make sure that your efforts are counted by search engines. But your focus should not stop there. You should also pay attention to the things that you have to avoid when building links so as not to waste time and effort.

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